Owned by Phil Clayton, TSO Optical has been a staple in the Oklahoma City Metro for 30 years. Our goal is to provide the very best in service, product, and care. Over the past 15 years we have gravitated to the high fashion, forward, premium products of the market. Oklahoma City/Edmond has never been given much credit for supporting modern and contemporary eyewear. We have aimed to change this perception and we feel like we are making an impact, one frame at a time! One of our favorite things is styling our customers and helping them find a pair of glasses that they love.

In addition to glasses, we also fit contacts and eye exams from eye MD's as well. Phil has been fitting contacts for over twenty years. He fits contacts in a variety of types including soft and gas permeable lenses. Contact lenses have come a long way in the past 5 years and we can meet almost any need-single vision, multifocal, toric, mono vision, and even custom contacts.  If you were told you could not wear contacts, or just quit trying, give us a call. We do not take insurance at our office, but for our customers that do have insurance, we can provide an itemized receipt!

Phil has been active in the community since TSO's inception. Phil has always been a fan of the arts and serves on many boards to serve for many arts organizations around Oklahoma City. He served on the Oklahoma City Ballet as its president, and the  Oklahoma City Arts Council.  He also serves as a board member on the Crown Heights/Edgemere Heights Board. 

Our Stylists

Morgan Bronson \ since 2009 

Lindse Miller \ since 2004 

Katie Rodman \ since 2017 

Shannon Boone \ since 2002